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410-308 part numbers


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Hi @lik,

The JTAG-SMT2-NC has all of the same features as the JTAG-SMT2, but without a USB connector pre-mounted on the board. This allows users of this programming solution to mount the board anywhere in their own design, as opposed to the edge-mounting recommended for the JTAG-SMT2. 

thank you,



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I don't believe this above response is correct. The -NC designator is what determines that its a "no USB connector variant". Digikey has both part numbers setup 410-308 and 410-308-B. They do not differentiate what the -B means, neither does the datasheet on Digilent's website. Digikey shows both "Manufacturer Products Numbers" with the same description of MOD PROGRAMMING JTAG-SMT2-NC. Both Mouser and Digikey show both part number options. Mouser lists "tray" in the description of the 410-308-B number. Does the -B define tray vs another packaging option? 

Does the -B define a different revision? I cannot use the new -B part number without understanding the difference and it appears to be in stock more places. 

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Hi @Jeff1,

I don't recall what the JTAG SMT2 and the JTAG SMT2-NC part numbers were back in 2018 (I vaguely recall -B being the differentiator in the part numbers themselves), but regardless the part numbers that Digilent personally uses now for the two products are 410-251 for the JTAG SMT2 and 410-308 for the JTAG SMT2-NC. I don't know the process that distributors use for updating their listed manufacturer part numbers or why Digikey (I haven't checked Mouser directly) lists a -B in the Manufacturer Product Number line, but lists the same number without the -B in the Base Product Number line.

With regards to the packaging options, my understanding is that when the quantity ordered is less than 20 items, both the JTAG SMT2 and the JTAG SMT2-NC will come in individually packaged antistatic bags. Larger orders would be shipped in groups of up to 80 in antistatic bubble trays. I would presume that distributors would follow this same pattern (though maybe not if Digilent ships the SMT2 boards in trays to the distributor, I personally have no idea which process is used), though I would recommend reaching out to the sales group of your choice about how the part number listed on the their associated website is packaged as the engineers here on the Forum don't have direct insight/access to that sort of detail.

I can confirm that the -B does not refer to a different revision. The JTAG SMT2 has been on Rev D for the last seven years and JTAG SMT2-NC have only ever been sold as Revision A.

Thank you,

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