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Yocto and Vivado



Hello everyone.

I have a project which is about yocto and vivado. I have a hw design which is include vga also ı have already build a yocto image. The image include gstream and a lot of package. So ı want to merge eachother and ı want to syntonize hw and my yocto design.

I couldn't enough document yet. How can ı do it. I am waiting your great suggestion. By the way I am using zedboard.

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Hi @axkb,

I don't have s lot of embedded experience but i know that petalinux is basically a wrapper for yocto. Petalinux has a ton of documentation and handles a lot of the setup and configuration. I would suggest using petalinux. Here are some demos with the zedboard and petalinux. Here is a xilinx forum on using Gstreamer on Petalinux.  Here is a getting started with petalinux instructable. Here is the petalinux getting started wiki. Here is the PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide. Here is the PetaLinux Tools Documentation Workflow Tutorial.

thank you,


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