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I can't log in with an ubuntu or debian minimal distribution



Hello all,

I followed this guide : https://medium.com/developments-and-implementations-on-zynq-7000-ap/install-ubuntu-16-04-lts-on-zynq-zc702-using-petalinux-2016-4-e1da902eaff7

to install on the arty-z7-20 and ubuntu (ubuntu-14.04.4-minimal-armhf-2016-04-02.tar.xz) or debian (debian-9.4-minimal-armhf-2018-03-26.tar.xz)  distribution from this site https://rcn-ee.com/rootfs/eewiki/minfs/.

All steps are ok, and i have the prompt login on the usb serial or the ssh, but if i use ubuntu/tmppwd or debian/tmppwd , I can't access in both the distributions.

At first the printed error was : I can't step in /home/ubuntu or in home/debian, permission denied.

I checked the +X rights and the ownership directly for the home folders. The X rights were ok, but owner was wrong and i changed it with debian:debian for home/debian and ubuntu:ubuntu

Now the error is changed in :" bin/bash permission denied", but i see a regular configuration for sh ( a symbolic link to bin/bash with full rights)

Any suggestion, thanks?

I found the issue. Simply a problem in the sd card partition 2. Reformatting the issue is gone

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