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USB-OTG on Zedboard running Arch Linux



Hi, I'm running Arch Linux (https://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/xilinx/zedboard) on Zedboard and I'd like to use the OTG-USB as a host, but my Zedboard doesn't seem to detect the device plugged in (I've tried a USB flash drive). What are your suggestions? I've followed the instructions on http://zedboard.org/sites/default/files/documentations/GS-AES-Z7EV-7Z020-G-V7-1.pdf , but Zedboard just won't see the device.


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It could be the device tree, can you provide the node for the USB controller?

I'm not familiar with the archlinux docs and images you are using, so I can't really say off the top what is wrong. You could use the Petalinux BSP (which includes pre-built images) from Xilinx as an example of a working linux system with USB host. That could help you pinpoint what is wrong in the archlinux image.

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Try replacing the usb phy node with:

	usb_phy0: usb_phy@0 {
		compatible = "ulpi-phy";
		#phy-cells = <0>;
		reg = <0xe0002000 0x1000>;
		view-port = <0x0170>;

And update the phy handle property in the usb controller:

usb-phy = <&usb_phy0>;


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