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USB-Hub, USB-Stereo-Cameras, USB-Wifi


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for my new PYNQ-Z1 to connect over its "USB HOST" interface:

(1) will any USB Hub do, e.g., when concurrently a USB WiFi dongle and a USB-Webcam are connected to the PYNQ-Z1?

(2) what is your recommendation(s) of a "compatible" stereo camera module (cf. attachment) for the PYNQ-Z1 board ?




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Hi @VS1,

We have used USB HUB's when using our boards but do not have a recommendation.  The reference manual does discuss using more power for designs that use other peripherals. You can also power the board externally if you find the USB HUB is not enough.  We do no have a recommendation for usb cameras either. Digilent tends to focus on hardware failures with the PYNQ rather than board compatibility or software.  Beyond trouble shooting hardware issues typically most support is handle  at http://www.pynq.io/board.html.  Have you reached out to the support at http://www.pynq.io/board.html. I would imagine that you will want to use a USB camera the has drivers that work with the Jupyter Notebooks.

thank you,


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