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Akhil Chandra


I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and VIVADO 2014.4. I am trying to boot Linux on a zybo (7000)board, I tried to generate a bit stream and it is showing that the synthesis is failed.

I have also attached a file. I also have a voucher  from the digilent and used to generate a license file .lic. I opened the license manager many times and showed the license path and it said that the license was successfully installed.

Screenshot from 2015-10-02 14:37:23.png

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You should be able to use the Vivado Webpack License for most of your designs.  The reason why it is greyed out in that screen shot is because the website needs to by pulled up by the vivado licensing manager.

To do that, in Vivado, help -> obtain a license key..

The vivado license manager will open up.  Click on Obtain license in the left pane, Get Free Licenses radio button and click on Connect now.  

That will open up the xilinx licensing webpage.  After logging, you should see the page you have above but the options will not be greyed out. 

Select  Vivado Webpack license and activate node-locked license.

click through the options and there will be a little down arrow in the lower left corner.  Download the .xml license file.  

In the left pane of Vivado Licensing manager,  click on load license then click activate license and find your .xml license file. 

That should get you started. Best of luck!

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