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  1. Fausto, Thank you. I apparently misread the voltage ranges and didn't notice the BIP10VOLTS was not included. Changing the code to BIP15VOLTS appears to fix the issue. Thanks again, -Andy
  2. I recently purchased 2 of the usb-2404-UI. I am trying to interface with them via the Universal Library with C#. When I run the InstaCal application, I can see that it is reading in the voltage range that I want (+/- 10 volts). I have all of the channels setup for voltage. But when I try to interface with the board in C# it shows that be board only has a range of +/- 1 volt and not the full range that the board is supposed to support. Is there some setting that I am missing that will allow me to read the DAQ at full range? Or is this a driver issue? I have tested it with software I have written and the sample software provided in the Universal Library installation and they are both getting the exact same error. I cannot find any information about this in the forums.
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