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  1. I installed this software(MCC DAQ), but I do not know where the library function is installed on the computer, what is its name, the suffix is ????.dll library function.
  2. Hello, How can I download the general function library of USB-QUAD08. Is there a PDF version? Also, I want to program USB-QUAD08 by labview. Where is the dll dynamic link library? Best regards!
  3. HELLO, I would like to use labview implement this feature-- terminal count output which is shown on page 25 of USB-QUAD08 user guide. Please tell me which labview example should be used?? Best regaeds!
  4. Hello, I run this Labview program which is called "ULx Count Digital Events.vi". when I choose "Count Direction" to be "countdown", this data is still rising. For example: first, I choose "Count Direction" to be "countup". Set the motion system to move 1000 pulses to the positive direction. the labview program data shows 1000. second, Set the motion system to move 500 pulses to the negative direction. The labview program data shows 1500, not 500. third, I choose "Count Direction" to be "countdown". Set the motion system to move 500 pulses to the negative direction. The labview program data shows 2000. fourth, Set the motion system to move 500 pulses to the positive direction. The labview program data shows 2500. So I don't know why no matter how I set the parameters, this count keeps adding up. Best regards!
  5. Hello Fausto, I can't find the Measure position.llb which is showed in the attachment. Best regards Gongll
  6. hello, I I wrote the labview program according to the 'QS ULx for NI LabVIEW'. I haven't connected the instrument yet. My question is, I didn't connect any instruments, but the program was able to run successfully and collect data. This is why? I want to use the labview program to get the number of pulses through the USB-QUAD08. How should each control be set? best regards 说明书以USB-1608GX-2AO为例编写的程序.vi
  7. Hello, Does this softwares(DAQami,TracerDAQ) support USB-QUAD08? If yes, is there a software instruction manual? Best regards gongll
  8. Hello, I use the instacal setting the USB-QUAD08 to differential, and click OK. Then, open the board configuration, the switch position changed to single-ended mode automatically. In this case,Did I fail to set the differential mode?
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply. But what is the ModuloN counting? best regards! Gongll
  10. dear john. In page 25 of User's Guide, what's the meaning of 'terminal count output'? Does it mean the output trigger? Best regards Gongll
  11. Hello, I saw this question asked on the forum. I have a little doubt. 1: I would like to confirm whether this device has the following functions. I need the USB-QUAD08 to output TTL external trigger signal, and I can set an interval of 500 pulses to change the high and low level once, so it will generate a TTL signal to trigger a data collection of a data acquisition device (such as Agilent 3458A, which can accept external trigger signal to trigger its data collection). 2: can I use Labview to write this function??
  12. I am using the USB-QUAD08. I have some issues. 1: when I conect the USB cable, the LED below flickered and then turn off. althought I disconnect the USB cable from the computer and then reconnect it according to the page 9 of user's guide. but it not work. And there is no automatic driver(MCC USB and USB-QUAD08) installation process. The attachment 1 and 2 are the LED state and the device manager of computer. My computer is win10. When I connect the USB cable to the windows7 computer and it showed it couldn't find the driver. Please find the attachment 3 2:Does the USB-QUAD08 need to be connected to a 50V external power supply via ENC+IN and GND? what dos this sentence(current rated 1.5A @ 5VDC) on page 15 mean? 3: what is the maximum count? 4:Is there a detailed manual and programming function library description? There is only a 36-page user guide downloaded from the web, which is not very detailed.
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