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Linux Graphical Display on Zybo Z7-10



I would like  to get a HDMI Video output working with Petalinux on the Zybo Z7-10,

and would appreciate any pointers, links etc.

I'm particularly interested in how you get Xilinx DRM working on the Zybo Z7-10.  I've seen quite a few posts on the old (VGA) Zybo,

and running Xillinux, and also designs using the Xylon video cores.

My design will be based on zybo-z7-10-base-linux.

Eventually, I'd like to get an Ubuntu installation running Xfce working.




PS I eventually managed to get Lubuntu running on the Zybo - but with remote login (xrdp) instead of via the HDMI port- this has the advantage of not using any extra PL resource

Much more difficult was trying to get my WiFi dongle working ...

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The Digilent Petalinux projects here all include HDMI output:


They use the Xilinx DRM driver, with an additional "slave encoder" driver that adds support for Digilent video output pipelines (both VGA and HDMI work with the driver). The linux-digilent tree includes device-tree binding Documentation for the slave encoder driver. Really, the driver just adds support to the Xilinx DRM for any sink that uses the stream2video IP core, so it is possible that it gets replaced by work that Xilinx does in the future (Last I spoke with them they weren't interested in accepting upstreamed work).

I wrote the driver, feel free to ask questions. I'm not familiar with how video output in Xillinux works, I never used it. None of our designs use the Xylon cores, we are trying to keep things as free and open source as possible. 

What you are doing shouldn't take much work, the hard part will probably be finding the ubuntu image you want to use. You could also try to build one yourself using Petalinux (which is mostly a wrapper for Yocto). 

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