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Checksum failed when upload

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       I use  Arduino IDE Upload,but it Checksum failed.

such as:

DigilentPGM V1.00
Digilent Copyright 2016
Written by Keith Vogel
Comm Port: COM5
Baud rate set to: 115200
Extended Digilent Bootloader Found
Board Name: OpenScope
Vendor: Digilent
Bootloader Version: 0x2010001
Capabilities: 0x170f0631
Device ID: 0x17218053
Flash Page Size: 16384
Flash Row Size: 2048
Baud rate set to: 1250000

Processing HEX file: C:\Users\victory\AppData\Local\Temp\buildf32f661be52264a7c3c309557dfd8404.tmp/ReadAnalogVoltage.ino.hex
Opened HEX file: C:\Users\victory\AppData\Local\Temp\buildf32f661be52264a7c3c309557dfd8404.tmp\ReadAnalogVoltage.ino.hex
Successfully processed HEX file: C:\Users\victory\AppData\Local\Temp\buildf32f661be52264a7c3c309557dfd8404.tmp/ReadAnalogVoltage.ino.hex
Program block size: 2048 bytes
Number of blocks: 17
Program size: 34816 bytes
HEX file processing time: 0s 29ms
Checksum failed
End of Program

I want to know  the "Checksum failed"  error means  in the serial communication or internal flash program stage ?

Will my chip be broken? If it is broken, I will buy a new chip and solder it. Then,Can I use it directly?Is there any other operation that needs to be done?

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Before the hex file is programmed to the microcontroller the file is checked for errors using a checksum.  It looks like that checksum did not pass, so the firmware was not programmed on to the microcontroller.  This is may be a problem with the Arduino IDE configuration.

It is extreemly unlikely that the firmware update would cause the microcontroller to stop working and if it does you could re-flash the bootloader image using a PICKIT3 (much easier than soldering a new chip on the board :D


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