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Use another Serial1 failed

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I'm trying to use Serial1 in the OpenScope MZ firmware  By using the OSSerial module .

I make the following changes in GlobalData.cpp and in OpenScope.h.




Which dma parameters, I just fill 1, which is what should be filled DMA figures?




Then I add    Serial1.begin(SERIALBAUDRATE); in the main.cpp, but it compiled failed that  ' Serial1' was not declared in this scope.


Then I try to find where the original  Serial declared,but I cannot find it.I want to know where the original Serial instance is declared ?

How to solve this problem of ' Serial1' was not declared in this scope?

Besides,what codes should add in Initialize.cpp follow this:image.png.e0819b5138934f92a850e256fec13613.png

This Firmware https://github.com/victory460/OpenScopeOSSerial

Please help me.I just want to increase the serial1 transceiver  for OpenScope MZ.


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