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Can I use JTAG Programmer Cable of Digilent with MCUs and MPUs?


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I am developing a eletronic project with one MCU of Texas Instruments, more precisely the TM4C1294KCPDT. I want to use the JTAG protocol to program and debug de circuit.

Can i use one of JTAG Program cable of Digilent in my project, or i need a special JTAG for my MCU?

Best Regards to all,

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Hi Leonardo, 

No, you will not be able to use our JTAG cables, our programming circuits were developed for Xilinx FPGA's. 

You may need to have a Debugger/Emulation cable specific for the TI chip. 

http://www.ti.com/product/TM4C1294KCPDT/toolssoftware has a list of them. 

Doing a little bit of research, it looks like TI includes an emulator/debugger on the LaunchPad (if you a connected launchpad). That looks like it would be a low cost option. 

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