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Axi-Display-Controller Linux Driver



Hey guys,

i want to use my Zybo to display a qt-Application onto the screen under Linux OS.

The application and everything else is working fine, but i can't get the display controller up and running under Linux.


In the Digilent Target Reference Design there´s an AXI-Display-Controller Ip-Core.

My question is, where can i get the linux-drivers for it?

I don't want a prebuilt Kernel nor a Linaro Ubuntu Desktop, but only a simple framebuffer driver to display the Content on the screen.


Please Help! 

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Aparently nowhere....I asked a while ago and I only achieved what you are saying with the pre-build kernel. What I'm doing now is reserve the upper 64 MB of the RAM and copy the frame that I want to display to that sector using a custom kernel driver. Then a custom hardware from my own displays whatever is on that address of RAM to the screen.

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