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Zybo won't boot from SD card



I am using the SDK 2014.4 to create a boot image for an application that runs under the standalone (aka baremetal) OS. I have both the .elf and .bit file listed as partions (both datafile type) when the BOOT.bin file is created, but it won't boot from the SD card on the Zybo board. (Yes, the jumper is set correctly and it is plugged into a wall.)


I've attached a screenshot of the Create Boot Image window. Does the .elf file have to be identified as a bootloader partition, or do I need a separate FSBL partition?


I've waded through reams of documentation to solve what seems like should be a simple process, but sadly to no avail.

create zynq boot image.png

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I believe you need a partition marked bootloader in your boot.bin so that the ROM-based firmware knows which software to run.

The FSBL configures some of the CPU peripheral registers. If you use your own firmware instead of the FSBL, you will need to ensure that you configure everything that you need.

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Thanks. I had (mistakenly) assumed that would be taken care of. I had to create an FSBL by creating a new application using the FSBL template, but before that, I needed to add some libraries to my board support package (xilfss and xilrsa). After creating an FSBL.elf, I placed the FSBL as the first partition (identifying it as a bootloader), and then generated the Boot image. Viola!

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