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On May 1st 2015 we were offline for a big update, you probably noticed the site looks very different than it did before! There was a major version update of our forum software, the upgrade went smoothly and we are excited for all the new features. 

Q&A Technical Forum:
Our technical forum now follows a Q&A format. Users can now vote on answers and the poster or a moderator can mark which one is correct. It's also easy to see which questions don't have an answer yet, so if you have suggestions or know the correct answer, head over and help out your fellow community members.

If you have any suggestions for anything Digilent does, including the forum, let us know in the suggestions section


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  • JColvin changed the title to Forum Update
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Evidently, one of the changes seems to be that users have to allow scripting in their browser to use the site. With Firefox 78.6 I can't highlght text in a post as a quote to start a reply... in fact I can't do anything with script blockers turned on. This is a change from my experience on Centos 6, which along with every other version of Centos except Centos 7 and Centos Stream has been killed of by Red Hat recently. I really don't like allowing any web site to run whatever script they want behind my back... it's a big problem for me.

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Hi @zygot,

I've asked one of our web people to look into this. My guess is that there is some sort of site tracking happening, though I don't know for certain. I do know that I'm still able to highlight and quote text in Firefox 84.0.2 successfully, though I don't have any script blockers specifically (though I do have an ad blocker).


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I made an update to default notification behavior; users will now receive an email notification when they are deliberately tagged in a post or had their material directly quoted or shared (I don't have the option to adjust that separately), instead of only receiving an "in-app" notification when they are logged into the Forum.

This update affects all users, so if you do not want emails of any kind, feel free to change the behavior in your own settings here: https://forum.digilent.com/notifications/options/ in the "Mentions & My Content" dropdown.

Regular replies to threads that you are a part of but are not deliberately tagged in, will continue to have the default "in-app" notification with no email sent.
You can, of course, change this behavior to your preferred settings in the "Followed Content" dropdown from the same url above.


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