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Turn off Networking support in Linux Kernel





I am following the "Embedded Linux Hands on Tutorial for ZYBO". I was able to boot linux on ZYBO. my question is the default linux kernal has networking support enabled. My design doesnt need  networking support. So i ran "make menuconfig" and disbaled the networking support. If i compile Kernel after that I am getting error. Please tell me where else should i change to properly disable networking support.


I have attached my log files.


original _log.txt

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It looks like you found a missing dependence in CONFIG_RPMSG which has not been found before because very few people build Linux kernels without networking support.


I believe if you deselect RPMSG in menuconfig you will be able to build a kernel. The configuration for it is under drivers somewhere.


For extra points, you could make a patch that adds "depends on NET" to the config RPMSG entry in drivers/rpmsg/Kconfig and send that to the Linux kernel mailing list or to the maintainer of RPMSG.

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