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Data logger mode

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I tried to use data logger mode with my Openscope MZ( FW 1.296.0 and Waveforms Live 1.30), it works well but I have some questions About it.

1) I tried to use that mode on some different web browsers.

 Latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge works well, but Firefox 57.0.2 (without add-ons) seems not works "download stream" button.

 Is there any special set up required to use with Firefox?


2) Is the "Convert dlog file > 10MB" function works with current Digilent Agent as per explained  on following reference page?


3) Do you have plan to update the Waveforms Live which included to Digilent Agent? 


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1) Good catch! Issue is fixed and will be included in the next WaveForms Live build.

2) @samkristoff Will have to comment on whether the convert dlog file > 10MB will be added to the agent. However, we have published this CLI converter that will work. I think you'll be the first to use it so let us know if you run into any issues by posting an issue on GitHub. Note that there's about a 10-20x increase in file size converting from .dlog (binary) to .csv (ascii) and larger files will take a decent amount of time to convert.


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The long term plan is to build the dlog conversion into the Digilent Agent but we probably won't get to that for a while so we created the example that Dharsan linked to above so there is an easy way to convert the binary dlogs into CSV.  

Our original plan was to convert directly to CSV in the browser but the file sizes can get huge really fast and the conversion requires a lot of memory.


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Dear all:

Thank you for your advise and update Waveform lives to 1.3.4.

I tried to prepare build environment on windows.

Some of the operations inside of makefile need to done by manual, anyway I got the converter today!



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