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PRESALES QUESTION - OpenScope MZ w/Waveforms 2015

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I'm looking at purchasing an OpenScope MZ board, but no where on the spec page do I see anywhere where it says it works with the PC based (no browser) Waveforms 2015. In the device manager for WF2105 it doesn't list a "demo" mode for this board, either. Does this mean it only works with the browser software? I'm vacillating between the Analog Discovery 2 and the OpenScope MZ....



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Hey mtripoli3,

The OpenScope MZ does not work with WaveForms 2015.  You can use the Openscope MZ with WaveForms Live via USB or Wifi and can use the 'online' version of WaveForms Live at waveformslive.com or the 'offline' version of WaveForms Live included in the Digilent Agent (still browser based). 

Let us know if you have any questions about this.




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