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OpenScope Wavegenerator 60% Broken

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Firmware: 1.37.0

Software: Waveforms Live

Working waveforms: Sine, DC

Waveforms that generate no output: Square, Triangle, SawtoothI have Osc1 (Orange) connected to AWG1 (Yellow). Since I get a valid DC and Sine signal I believe this wiring is validated. I've tried both auto and manual trigger. A Fluke 179 gives me equivalent readings of the Wavegen. This is not usable for my application without working Square Wave and Triangle Wave.

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  • Later that Evening:
    • Loaded 1.4: all waveforms working.
    • Reloaded 1.37 (unknown whether this is newer or older due to ambiguous version numbering): all waveforms worked.
  • Next Morning:
    • Still using 1.37: only DC and Sine are working.
    • Reloaded 1.4 immediately followed by 1.37: only DC and Sine working.
    • Reloaded 1.37: all waveforms working
    • Reloaded 1.4: all waveforms working.

This is not productive.

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Hey Jeff V,

The firmware versions are sorted newest (top) to oldest (bottom) in the Update Firmware wizard.  1.37.0 is newer than 1.4.0 (you can think 1.04.0 if that helps).  We recommend using the latest released version, so 1.37.0 at this point.  That being said all of the Wavegen wave types should be fully functional in both 1.4.0 and 1.37.0.

Can you try the following:

  1. Update firmware to 1.37.0.
  2. Re-calibrate the OpenScope MZ (details here).
  3. The final screen of the calibration wizard should report the calibration information.  Can you post that here.
  4. Generate the various wave types and let us know the results.




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Also it may be a triggering issue so try and set the trigger type to "off" instead of rising/falling and see if you can replicate the issue. If you can't, I would guess the trigger level you're using isn't being hit either due to the signal itself not passing through the trigger level or aliasing due to your sampling frequency.


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