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Protection Diode and Fuse Damage


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I am a new user of Nexys 4 board. I think accidentally damaged the protection diode, due to using an incorrect 12V adapter, when using wall supply option. I ohmed the fuse and it is ~0 ohm, so I think the fuse is still functional. Would removing the diode fix the problem? If I would like to repair the damage, where can I get some more information on that? Would Digilent be able to repair the damage, for a reasonable fee? Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello @yyuan,

Is the diode hot? Take care if you touch it cause if it really is you'll get burned. You can try to remove the diode and see if the board if it powers again. You might have a chance of getting it back. Also, I would recommend not just removing the diode, but replacing it. If the board works without diode, SMBJ5.0A is its part number.

Good luck,


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