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Web design needs a little help


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I was trying to read the reference pages for the logic analyzer, and I'm struggling to read the navigation bar.  (See attached.)  Starting with "You are here ..." ...

I'm using Firefox 55.0.1, 64-bit, in case you'd like to reproduce this.  (My screen isn't much large, so if it's a screen size issue, I can't make it much bigger)



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Ctrl-F5 should perform a hard refresh in Firefox. If you can accomplish the same action through other means, then (hopefully) you'll see some changes. It is also possible that the webpage is cached on some content delivery system. Those are flushed about every 24-hours to my knowledge. Let me know if the hard refresh doesn't work and I will continue looking into it. If it is the case that the webpage is cached remotely, then you should see changes once that cache is refreshed.


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