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Real Analog course with the OpenScope

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Hi uminded,

The theory of course still applies but you will have to adjust labs because of the differences between the Openscope and Analog Discovery 2.

Some of the labs will have to be adjusted for speed and voltage limitations, and some of the labs will be different because the Openscope tools are not the same as Analog Discovery 2. For example the RC circuit forced response lab has to have the resistor and capacitor values adjusted due to the speed and voltage limitations differing from the AD2. Another example is the Openscope with WaveForms Live has a Bode plot, so you can see the amplitude response, but not the phase response. Since the course is written for Analog Discovery 2 with WaveForms 2015 you'll also see differences in the software instructions. 

You can view the differences between the devices here

I hope that made sense, let me know if you have any other questions!


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It would be helpful to remove the link to Waveforms 2015 from any OpenScope webpage since it is incompatible with OpenScope. Furthermore the process of mistakenly installing ...2015 (why else would the link be on the OpenScope page?) forces the user to install an alternate FTDI driver which historically on OS X is a really bad idea (I got burned by this once and was forced to manually uninstall). So again, please explicitly state that WaveForms 2015 does not work with OpenScope on all OpenScope web pages.

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