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Beware of original USB cable of poor quality

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I got my Openscope today :)

And I got troubles trying to flash the firmware through WaveForms, trying several times, re-plugging etc, always getting flashing errors.

Then I tried replacing the USB cable that came with the device with a cable of my own and, tadaam, everything went fine immediately, flashing, calibration etc.

So, thank you for having included a USB cable but all in all it's more harmful than nothing :unsure:

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Hey doegox,

Thanks for reporting this.  We ran into something similar once before when using a cheap battery pack and long USB cable to power and OpenScope MZ that 'working hard' (Wifi, DC Supplies, and sampling fast).  I assume you were just connecting the USB cable to your PC is that correct?  If so can you share make/model of the PC so we can do some testing on a similar device if we can find one.



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Possibly related:  Spent some time trying to get a new OpenScope working, on and off since June.

Following other notes that the USB connection needs to be "High speed", the Microsoft USBView utility showed that the connection was only "Full speed".   Having access to a USB hardware analyzer, it showed the connection sequence to be a "Tiny J chirp" instead of a "J-K chirp", therefore the connection is negotiated as only "Full speed".    From what I can read, this could be caused by some sort of noise on the USB line or the USB termination resistor being applied at the wrong time during USB negotiation by the FTDI chip (  I haven't looked to see how this is configured).

Also tried a different USB cable, but it still connects only at Full Speed.

We did update the WaveForms and Agent to the latest from the Internet and now OpenScope is working even though it's at Full Speed on the USBView utility.


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