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Current macOS Release Version of Digilent Agent (0.3.6) out-of-date

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I noticed a couple of bugs in the current macOS release version of Digilent Agent (0.3.6) which I thought I would fix and offer back to the community.

So I downloaded the Github Repo, and compiled it to make sure it did in fact compile before before making any fixes.

When I then ran the compiled code, I was surprised to see that the Agent Version was given as 1.0.1, and also - happily - that the bugs had been fixed.

However, when I went back to the download page for the Digilent Agent, I noticed that the Windows version is actually at 1.0.0, while both the macOS and Linux versions are at 0.3.6.

I'm guessing that it might be useful to add build steps for the macOS and Linux versions of the app into your Continuous Integration programme, so that the various platform releases are kept in lockstep.



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Hey philipjhart,

We're in the process of bringing all the builds back into sync and out of beta.  The Mac and Linux versions were behind but have now caught up (and as you noticed moved beyond the Windows build).  Ideally we'll all align on 1.0.1 and stay in sync now that they are coming out of beta.


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