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the code for sk6812 mini led



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You are sort of out of luck in a couple of ways here: 1) The forum tends to be focused on Digilent products.  These products are well documented, and come with examples.  Since you are asking about a non-Digilent product, I wouldn't know where to find what you are looking for.  2) While there are some types, such as myself, that build using non-Digilent products as well ... the SK6812 is not one I've ever used.  I don't have any code for it.  Perhaps someone else on the forum might.

Have you checked opencores?  They tend to publish a lot of free soft-hardware controllers.

Still, this sounds like a perfect learning opportunity for you!  Why don't you take this opportunity to build the software you need to control one of these yourself?

You could then post back here when you are done, tell us how you did it, and post your own code so the next poor soul who comes looking for code knows where to find it.

How's that sounds?


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