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ARTY demo source code


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Is it possible to upload the source code for the ARTY demo program that comes preloaded. I am trying to teach the other techs in the shop here at the hospital how programmable logic works and would love to have a starting point from which to move forward.


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The Arty's Out of box demo can be found at this Avnet page, under Documents there is a download for the project and some documentation. This project is fairly old and not maintained by Digilent so I don't know if it has been updated for newer versions of Vivado or not. This demo is also an example of a microblaze system and may not fit your needs - if you want to show block design and C coding Vivado SDK, it may be helpful.

A pure-HDL GPIO demo can be found on our wiki here, with the source code located on Github here. This implements some of the same features as the out of box, so it may also work for you. This demo has also been recently been updated to 2016.4, so it may be easier to get running, depending on the state of the Avnet demo.

Hope this helps,


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