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Multisim Blue by Mouser

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I have the version 14 of Multisim and Ultiboard running on my windows system purchased from digilent.  Mouser also has a version of this software that can be downloaded called Multisim blue.  I wanted to merge the Mouser Multism Blue library with my user library to be sure I have all the updated components.  So, I requested the library file from Mouser and the feedback from tech support is the parts should already be integrated into my master library or database.  I wanted to use the Vishay part BPW77N which is a photo transistor the Mouser site indicates is in the Multisim blue database.  Cannot find it anywhere in the Multisim from digilent.  Can anyone shed some light on the disconnect between these 2 products and where I might obtain a user database with the Mouser part in it.  Appreciate the help....


Buddin Buddin

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Hello @buddin buddin,

I don't have Mutlisim Blue (or the Student edition of Multisim from Digilent) on my computer, but my initial thought is that the two sets of Mutisim did not get installed in the same location so they are unaware that the other installation (and the corresponding parts library) exists on your machine. What you would likely want to do is merge the two databases of parts together by following this guide from NI; however, as per the guide, this only works if the two versions of Multisim are the same and I don't know if the Multisim Blue is version 14 or not, so you may need to follow the conversion guide from NI.

Alternatively, it looks like this guide from Mouser shows that you can specify which versions of Multisim user the Mouser database.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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