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SetCursorPosition On Xillinux




I have a Zybo board and I installed a Xillinus OS. I would like to write a simple C program which can controll the mouse cursor movment. Which command or C function can move the cursor in xillinux? I tried xdotool program for linux, but it doesn't worked. Have somebody any ideea how can I realize it?

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Assuming Xillinux uses an X server based desktop environment, you could use xdotool. You will need to get it installed though.

Edit: Really sorry, just reread your original post... your options at this point are probably to continue debugging xdotool, or trying something like suggested in the following post: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/164262/can-i-simulate-mouse-movements-via-terminal-without-xdotool


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