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Regarding thermal limit of fpga

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Hello digilent community,

My name is Lakshmi Morla and i am a student from india. I have purchased a pynq Z1 board through digilent. 

When I am using pynq image for booting and with jupyter note book, the zynq chip is heated away ,on board temperature sensor graph is crossing

67 degree celsius only after just booting and powered though USB. As i live in areas were temperature is between 43-49 degrees celsius. during summers

so my question are 1) how much maximum temperature it can sustain 2 Is it normal to go such high temperatures, 3) Will chips life will deteriorate quickly,

4) is there any third party heat sink is suitable for this chip.5 This happens with pynq image loaded and other cases it s maxed out to nearly 54degree

so can i use it run bare metal applications.

I do not know whether to ask these questions in this forum , but please help me in this regard because i could not use this board  in fear destroying chip

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Hi @Lakshmi morla,

The zynq can sustain up to +85 Celsius degrees operational temperature. I don't think this temperature with the image loaded is a problem. I am sure the board will not beak due thermal issues. We don;t have accessories like heat sinks or fans for pynq but maybe you can find a small fan locally, if you fear that the temperature will deteriorate your device. 

Best regards,


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