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Zybo yocto boot on SD card : no persistence



Hi everyone,

I want to use yocto to have an embedded linux running on my zybo.

So, to do that, I built a core-minimal-image with bitbake : can find tutorial at https://github.com/Digilent/meta-manifest/wiki/Quick-start-guide

And I used the MACHINE : zybo-linux-bd-zynq7

I made a SD card bootable, using :

  • boot.bin
  • fit.itb
  • download.bit
  • u-boot-dtb.img

I renamed download.bit to bitstream, and move JP5 on SD.

So my zybo boot on Linux at start.

My problem is : it seems the linux boot on the zybo and not on the SD card, so all created data/folder are deleted at reboot of the system.

Is there a way to make the boot persistent ? I mean boot the linux on the SD card, and so keep the data if we restart the system ?

I really hope it is possible, I didn't find solution yet !

My alternative way is to mount the SD card partition (ext4) on /home, but I don't really enjoy it.

If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it !

Kind regards,


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Check this out:


Basically you need to add a second partition to your SD card (use ext4 and make it at least 3.5 GB), then dd sdimg to it. The first partition should be FAT formatted and have the same download.bit, the same boot.bin, and sdroot-fitImage. You will need to rename sdroot-fitImage to fit.itb

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Hi !

Thank you for your answer !

I just tried what you said, so I already have a FAT32 partition, where I have now the 3 files you said. Then I have my ext4 partition (6GB).

Then when I use dd, I think something is wrong,


I hope my link will work, to show you what I have on my SD card, after run dd. (Gparted)

It seems a little weird ?

The SD card works, I can boot with my zybo on linux, and I have persistence ! very good thank you ! But why my ext4 partition is only 36Mio, and not 6GB ? Also, my first partition was fat32, not fat16, and the size was 512Mio, now 64, why ?

Here what are the mounted partition when I boot with zybo : 735316mountedpartitiononzybo.png

What am I doing wrong ?



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I just see that the sdimg create 2 partition, that's the partition I have. The ext4 is ~1.3 x rootfs. So 36Mio ...

It is possible to make bigger this partition ? Could we change this magic number 1.3 before creating the image ?



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