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Datalogger for two 16-bit sensors

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I am a scientist who is frequently tasked to characterize instrumentation ( As opposed to calibrating to NIST standards.) I noted with interest on the OpenScope Kickstarter page:  "monitor long-term (create an IoT device to capture, calculate, and log readings over many hours or days)" 

Life would be a LOT easier if I could use an affordable solution like an OpenScope-WaveForm  with two 16-bit sensors at <<1000sps each. Then I read the part about 12-bit 48 channel ADC. Well, I would settle for 12-bit, but I have to ask..

Question: Is it practical to sacrifice bandwidth and  <44 channels to achieve some semblance of 16-bit resolution?

I appreciate that Digilent should not be expected to cannibalize their commercial offerings in favor of the OpenScope project.  I am hoping that EE wizards will find a 2-channel, 16-bit, 1000 sps OpenScope to be of no threat to their productline/market. On the other hand, it would of tremendous help to scientists! ?

Thanks for your patience, and congratulations on a spectacular Kickstart!



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Hey Beleg,

OpenScope uses the ADCs on the PIC32MZ which can be oversampled to provide increased resolution.  Right now we're trying to stay focused on the 'general instrumentation' use case and our idea of logging will be pretty simple to start (just grab some point on demand and log them to a file, db, or similar).  That being said we're already kicking around  ideas for ways to get more channels at higher resolutions and we'd love to see some community firmware modifications that head in this direction.

Feedback like this will help us determine what exactly we mean by 'more channels' and 'higher resolution' :D .




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Thanks for the responses!

FYI, one sensor is analog. So it should work ( There is even a temperature output option.) The other sensor is a problem because it involves specialized SPI code.  I hope that open firmware will permit the interface.

@LariSan - nice, but cost-prohibitive.  If it came to a choice, I would settle for 12-bit ADC.   And then, there is the cost of the two sensors.? 

The more I have discussed the idea with chem/sensor resources, the more I appreciate the true value of the entire end-for-end integrated package of data acquisition, signals, and WaveForm all at an incredible price point.  That's  important for the instrumentation market sector that I happen to inhabit. ?

@Kristof - Exactly, a narrow bandwidth, 1 or 2 channel 16-bit datalogger might be an acceptable high resolution app that does not disrupt the business model too much. ?

I can't wait to see what happens next!  


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Congratulations on the second stretch goal!  ??  

Even if the resolution stays the same, the "Improved datalogger" is a wonderful feature with respect to sensors.  

Anybody care to expand on anticipated sample rate range?

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