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I'm excited to announce that Digilent has our first Kickstarter project for the OpenScope! I won't be able to give the project proper justice in describing the OpenScope and WaveForms Live, so I encourage you to check out the Kickstarter to learn more about the mission of the project.

With regards to this sub forum, Digilent would like this to be a place where backers of the Kickstarter are able to ask questions and provide feedback for both the OpenScope and the browser based WaveForms Live. As such, we kindly request that only backers of the project ask questions related to the OpenScope and WaveForms Live and provide feedback related to functionality, features, and the like. Those of us involved with the project at Digilent will do our best to respond back to those questions and feedback. 

However, if you just have some general encouragement or other positive feedback that doesn't fall into the described request in the above paragraph that you want to post here, I personally won't feel a need to stop you :)


The Digilent Team

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HI Muqeet, 

Here is a table. 

Hope this helps!

  AD2 OpenScope (Kickstarter)
Retail Price 279 99
WaveForms Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux with WaveForms 2015 Different software: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge Browsers with WaveForms Live
Oscilloscope 2 channel, 14 bit, 100MS/s, 30Mz+ bandwidth, +-25V differential 2 channel, 12 bit, 6.25MS/s, 2MHz, +-20V
Waveform Generator 2 channel, 14 bit, 100MS/s, 12Mhz+ bandwidth, +-5V 1 channel, 10 bit, 10MS/s, 1MHz+ bandwidth, +-3V
Network Analyzer 1Hz to 10MHz, Bode, Nyquist, and Nichols plots NA
Spectrum Analyzer 2 channel, noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD, Harmonic measurements and more NA
Voltmeter 2 channel, +-25V NA
Data Logger Logging DC, True RMS, DC RMS, and math functions NA
Logic Analyzer 16 channel, 100MS/s, 3.3V CMOS and 1.8V or 5V tolerant 10 channel, 50MS/s, 3.3V CMOS 
Pattern Generator 16 channel, 100MS/s, 3.3V CMOS NA
Digital IO 16 channel, virtual buttons, switches, LEDs, 7-seg, progress bar, Slider 10 channel, shared with LA, 4 LEDs, 1 BTN
Power Supplies (-) channel 0 to -5V, (+) channel 0 to 5V, 500mW via USB, 2.1W via Aux supply, up to 700mA per channel 2 channel +-4V, 50 mA per channel
Protocol Analyzer UART, SPI, I2C, more protocols in the Logic Analyzer NA- at this time
Script Editor JavaScript Interface NA
Triggers 2 NA- at this time
Customizability WaveForms SDK available for Custom Applications Opensource Hardware and Software
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Thank you Larissa, I think you had replied to me on Kickstarter. Thank you for reply here again! Looks like a very cool project. I wish I was in EE school now and not in 2006-2009 time frame. So cool to have O'scope in your pocket :-)  

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Since the openscope is open-source,

1. Can it be modified to be higher spec?
I would love to see higher MSPS rate and current going through each of the lines

2. Do you have the PCB layout and parts list publically available? I want to try my hand at modifying it to get those higher specs in case I am unable to modify the parts directly

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Hey qriusGate,

Yes OpenScope is open source and we'd love for you to play around with the firmware, however I don't think you'll be able to squeeze much more performance out of it.  Keith did the hardware and firmware and he likes to joke that he is using 9 of the 8 DMA's (because he has to share one between two instruments).  We're really pushing the hardware to the limits and after we're done with our 1.0 feature set and our kickstarter stretch goals Keith is going to put together a presentation on how the entire hardware / firmware system works, so stay tuned for that.

We'll posts the firmware and schematics on GitHub and to them from the OpenScope MZ landing page on our wiki once we finalize everything.  We'll also link to Keith's presentation there.


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