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Data transfer via network port on zedboard




I have completed cyclic DMA in scatter gather mode. In that data goes from PL to DDR of PS so now i want to transfer from DDR to network port continuously.

when dma is transferring data in first buffer simultaneously data from second buffer have to send on network port and so on.

 thanking you,

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I'm not sure I understand you very well.  Transferring to a network port "continuously" doesn't seem to make much sense to me.  Networks run on packets, not continuous data transmission.  Prior to sending each packet, the network hardware must first guarantee that the network is idle.  Then, when it sends, each packet sent must have an Ethernet header and trailer.  If you wish to use internet protocols, you'll also need an IP headerTCP requires additional header data, to include a checksum taken from over the entire packet.  UDP, which you might find simpler for your application, also requires additional header information beyond the IP header. 

Normally, all of this processing is handled by a "network stack" (a reference to some packet processing software) contained within the CPU, not a hardware DMA type of action.

Given all of the above ... how were you hoping to transmit continuously?


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Yes i am using PS for doing this and i have POSIX support on linux just i want the interface of DDR to ethernet port.

and i am planning to create two thread which can run simultaneously with shared memory and in one I will write the data into DDR and other will read the data from that and at the same time writing process is going on on another allocated buffer on DDR and so on.

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