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Basys3 blinking led


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Start with the XDC file from the Basys resource page, and uncomment every line that references the clock or the LED(s) by removing the "#" from the beginning of the line.  Your next step will involve changing the names "clk" and "led[0]" to ... whatever names you gave them in your top level design.

Vivado will complain if you have pins defined in your XDC file (uncommented) that are not used in your design.


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Hi Dan,

I miss something.I did uncomment the clock and LED lines in the XDC file.Where do I specify the clock freq?  ...When I run the simulation I see no clock pulse on the simulation.

I replaced the "clk" with "clk_1" and the "led[0]"with "blinker_0"


SEE TOP LEVEL BELOW...I did not include the architecture part of the design by the way there is no error in that part of the code I get green light.

library IEEE;


entity blinker_led2 is
    Port ( clk_1 : in STD_LOGIC;
           blinker_o : out STD_LOGIC);
end blinker_led2;




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Yes I did, sorry that was a typo it is "blinker_o"..

Still get the same results.Any other ideas??Again the top level program seem to be good I get no errors.(green status).

1.In Vivado(2016.4) where do I see the clk freq assigned for the project?(will it always be 450 MHz)with an oss(100MHz) connected to pin W5 from what I can see on the schematic.

2.Can I send you the XDC and top level design maybe you can run/check it out on your end?



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Yeah, let's do this: Go ahead and attach your XDC and your Verilog file to your reply post, and I'll look to see if/what you might be missing.

As for the speed of the clock, it should be defined in the XDC file.  In mine, I have a line that looks like

create_clock -period 10.000 -name sys_clk_pin -waveform {0.000 5.000} -add [get_ports i_clk_100mhz]

and defines my clock speed as 10ns with a 50% duty cycle (100MHz)--but then again, I'm naming my clock pin i_clk_100mhz.  Your name might be different.


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