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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements


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Hi all, 

I am Viviane working in impedance spectroscopy as my PhD research performing it in ionic solutions and cell solutions.

I have a solution which is simply CaCl2 salt dissolved in water in the concentration of 0.4M and I am measuring the impedance spectrum of the setup using the equipment Gamry Interface 1000 in the frequency range 0.1 to 1MHz. I have done some measurements and got my results. My student worked in the measurements for one month and have done the same experiments as I did. When I compare the impedance measured in our results, in high frequency they are very similar (as I would expect, because we are measuring the same solution) but in low frequency they diverge significantly. Does anyone have any idea why would that be happening? Could it be some interference from a nearby equipment (some strong electric field from a nearby equipment)?

Viviane Teixeira


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