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Raspberry pi or Beagle Board or Zync or Zed or Samsung or TI Boards.



How to find out a particular IP like for example Watchdog timer (SP805)is supported by which board  and which processor i want to know these details like may be used in Raspberry pi or Beagle board please some one respond to this immediately

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I'm sorry, I must be misunderstanding your question as it doesn't make much sense.  The Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone are both completed hardware projects.  All of the IP within them has been built in silicon.  As a result, they don't have the capability to incorporate new hardware features, such as the IP you reference, without physically attaching new features to them.  If you wish to discuss IP for these boards, the discussion really needs to start with the physical hardware you intend to add to them.

If you look at places such as the opencores.org projects list,  you will find a list of community supported IP projects.  These projects require an FPGA--a device made of reconfigurable logic blocks--unlike the ARM chips found on the Pi or the Beagle.  Often, an IP project will also list which FPGA's it was built with and for, but not always--especially if the component is designed to work across many FPGAs.  The exception to this rule is the newer Zynq FPGA's from Xilinx that contain not only an ARM core within them, but also configurable logic that can be made to wok with it.

If you are really interested in the Raspberry Pi, there are such things as CAT boards and even the ICO board that I'm working with that can be attached to them.  However, this site is dedicated to supporting Digilent products and, from my experience with the ICO board, the documentation and support for it is not up to the standards I'm used to from/with Digilent boards.  Further, I haven't found a web site devoted to the ICO board, neither have I found a supplier selling CAT boards.



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