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I am Mark,N2OJD, amateur radio operator by hobby, family physician by day(night/weekends/24/7/365...)

Never had any formal electronics training, saw the Digilent Electronics Explorer Board and Analog Discovery USB scope and decided to add to my education.

Academic and student pricing has encouraged me to seek a qualified on line course that will help formalize my education in analog.  My understanding of digital is better as my undergrad is computer science, but just a couple of years (decades...) old.

I would like information on courses that are: on line, self paced, high quality, (qualified for student pricing would be nice) and will allow me to self educate to increase my understanding of analog electronics.



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Hi Mark,


Digilent was founded by professors that needed materials to teach their own classes, and other professors adopted what they created to use in their own courses. We are first and foremost an education company, and we will continue to create learning material around our products. So, we actually have our own set of materials that you are free to go through on learn.digilentinc.com. Here, you can browse through our entire collection of projects or some modules that we have put together of our related projects and learn about a variety of topics including FPGA's, microcontrollers, and analog circuits. 


We also offer some entire courses that you can check out under the "Browse Courses" tab on our Learn site. One that you would probably be particularly interested in is our Real Analog course which is designed to be a university level circuits class complete with lecture videos and labs.


All of our material on learn.digilentinc.com is free for anybody who wants to learn more about electronics.


Let me know if you have any more questions.




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