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Partial Reconfiguration




      In mine development, I have booted Linux on ZedBoard and also i have integrated the Wi-Fi module successfully with the ZedBoard. Now in mine further development i want to explore the partial reconfiguration thing on the ZedBoard as i do not have any idea about this. From here and there i have read some PDFs which talks about some PCAP , ICAP and many more ...but i did not able to get these things fully. 

So as per mine requirement i would be sending one file(mainly partial config) to the ZedBoard via Wi-Fi. In this regard till now, i have sent one file(that is not reconfig file but is a normal txt file) to the ZedBoard successfully. So i want to know the followings:-

1- Step by step process of executing the partial reconfiguration concept on the ZedBoard..For this Plz suggest any link/video tutorial is there???

2- Once i got this partial reconfig file on the ZedBoard then how to use the Linux OS to do the dynamic partial reconfiguration on the ZedBoard.




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I know that Xilinx sells (provides?) a partial reconfiguration kit that you would need, but I don't believe it comes standard with their normal tool suite.

What I can offer you is an example of an ICAPE2 controller, found here.  I've used that successfully to completely reconfigure my boards--but I've never tried it with a Zynq processor.  I'm even considering a project on my Arty board where I might write a configuration to the QSPI flash via a TCP/IP channel, and then command a board reconfiguration to the newly written area of the flash, but ... that's not partial reconfiguration--that's a complete reconfiguration.

Sorry I can't be of any more help, but I'd love to hear back from you if you have any success wtih this endeavour.



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