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PmodNic100 with Wemos D1 mini


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I just know that the interface that the PmodNIC uses is specific to proprietary code wtihin the MPIDE library.  I would not expect this to translate to products not using MPIDE.  I'm looking forward to hearing from someone who has made this work without MPIDE, but I have yet to hear it.  Indeed, the PmodNIC100 reference page makes reference to this fact.


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Hi Alain,

From my understanding, and as Dan mentioned, the library associated with the PmodNIC100 is specifically designed for the Microchip part that is present in the PmodNIC100. As the ESP8266 is a WiFi chip from a different manufacturer, there is no guarentee that the library for the PmodNIC100 will be compatible with the ESP8266 or vice-versa.

The chipKIT-Core was specifically designed by the chipKIT community to allow users to program chipKIT boards within the Arduino IDE; it doesn't necessarily imply compatibility between hardware.

In theory, the PmodNIC100 is compatible with other pieces of hardware, presuming you have the appropriate software code, but as he noted, I have not seen this done.


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