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Universal Library sees old device, not new device



I plugged a USB-231 into my PC a few months ago.  That device is no longer present and I've rebooted many times since then.  Now if I try to initialize board 0, it still finds USB-231.  I'm using this code: MccBoard DaqBoard = new MccDaq.MccBoard(0);

As a 2nd, but likely related problem, I have a USB-CTR04.  Since board 0 seems to be USB-231, I expected CTR04 would be identified as board 1, but it is not.

In Device Manager, the USB-231 correctly shows as missing, and CTR04 is listed correctly. I'm using Windows 10 Pro, with latest updates.


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Hello @bsee.

Disconnect all MCC daq devices from the target system.  Which programming language are you using? 

Which version of InstaCal is installed on that system?  Browse to a hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Measurement Computing\DAQ and delete the CB.CFG file.  Launch InstaCal.  Without a connected MCC device, is any MCC device detected in InstaCal?



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@Fausto I'm using C# and InstaCal 6.74.  After deleting CB.CFG, the old device is gone.  In InstaCal, CTR-04 correctly shows up and disappears when connected/disconnected.  Instacal shows it as Board 0.  However, the UL library doesn't show a board number.  The code below correctly has the CTR-04 board in the descriptor variable, but boardNum is -1. 

DaqDeviceDescriptor[] inventory = DaqDeviceManager.GetDaqDeviceInventory(DaqDeviceInterface.Usb);
DaqDeviceDescriptor descriptor = inventory.First();
int boardNum = DaqDeviceManager.GetBoardNumber(descriptor);


Also, this code returns an empty device. Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a particular example I should follow for this board?

MccBoard DaqBoard = new MccDaq.MccBoard(0);

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