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USB-1604HS-2AO not working?




Hi together!

Some time ago we purchased a USB-1604HS-2AO DAQ, but we are not able to get it running. When we plug it to power and the computer, no light turns on, nor is it automatically installed as a device on that said computer (as stated in the manual), but we notice it gets a little warm over time, so smth seems to be happening. Laso tried this with different PCs! Can you help us here somehow? We’ve run out of ideas. Is it maybe broken?

Thanks! 😊





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Hello @Carlo.

Please disconnect the USB cable and external power supply from the USB-1604HS-2AO.  Install the MCC InstaCal software on the target Windows system.  (Note: The USB-1604HS-2AO is supported under Windows, but not Linux.)  Connect the supplied 10 W external power supply to the EXT PWR +5VDC connector on the device's rear panel and plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.  The LEDs should be off.  Next, connect the USB cable between the device and the target Windows system.  The POWER LED should turn on.  If the POWER LED does not turn on, test another external power supply, USB cable, and USB port.  If the LED turns on, then launch InstaCal to detect the device.  


If InstaCal does not detect the device and the POWER LED remains off, send me a private message requesting a repair RMA.






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