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Analog Discovery 3 as a replacement for NI myDAQ



The NI myDAQ (USB data acquisition device for students) will be discontinued and the recommended replacement by NI is the Analog Discovery 3.

Can the AD3 be used with the NI DAQmx drivers / DAQmx API?

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Hey @pete_sahad,

Thanks for reaching out. There currently aren't any plans to support DAQmx for the AD3 (we're unlikely to do it), but we're actively exploring how we might be able to improve LabVIEW support for it, so any feedback you might have would be appreciated. This guide on our reference site describes how to use VIs we currently provide: https://digilent.com/reference/test-and-measurement/guides/getting-started-with-labview. The idea space would also be a good place to drop any suggestions (in addition to here on the forum, either works): https://digilent.frill.co/.



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