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2 inputs controlling one output



Can I toggle between 2 pressure inputs to supply data to control the output. And if so what module combination is required?

Basically, I want to be able to choose one of two circuits using a switch to control the output.

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Hello @Fausto,

I have a test rig with one VSD pump. The test rig has 2 stations for testing product. Both stations have their own flow and pressure transducer. I can read the information from both stations and all 4 transducers with no problem. But I want to also use the pressure transducers to control the VSD pump. I currently have no problem doing this with a single circuit setup to one of the transducers. But I want to be able to choose which transducer will control the pump. So, I want to have the output connected to both pressure transducers and use a switch / router to toggle between circuit 1 & circuit 2 to control the pump.

Using IOtech Personal DAQ/3001.

DasyLAB 2022.


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