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Unable to converge error



Hi, I'm new to using this type of software and an working on a project were I need to simulate the circuit in the attached documet. I became a premium user to be able to model the diode bridge. I am getting a converge error when i try to run this. I read the notes on this an updated the ABSTOL, VNTOL and RELTOL it did not seem to fix the issue. Can anyone see what I have done wrong and tell me how I might correct this?

Here is a link to my circuit: <a href=https://www.multisim.com/content/WwEoeMigCwzmickcxPTFfy/task8-a/ target="_blank">
    <img src=https://www.multisim.com/api/v1/image/4593031/wweoemigcwzmickcxptffy-pngthumbnailcircuit/Task8%20a.png><br>Multisim Live: Task8 a


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