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USB-2416-4AO DI/O Support



I am using this DAQ for a test rig with several inputs and outputs analog.


Is there a way to wire the DAQ to a 3 phase motor so that the motor can be turned on and off using the DAQ. I am unsure as the motor will see 30 Amps.


Any advice or creative thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hello @smann.

The MCC USB-2416-4AO device allows between 0-15 V on the digital input channels.  Power to the 3 phase motor should be isolated from the daq device to avoid damage and injury.  Similar to what was suggested in your previous forum post, the digital output lines work as a switch to control a relay.  We are unable to suggest an appropriate relay for your motor application and suggest you contact a Professional Engineer to determine the type of relay appropriate for your application, avoiding damage to the MCC USB-2416-4AO device and human injury.




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