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PCIe device communication in Ubuntu/Linux (PCIe-DIO96H and PCI-DAS-1602/16)



I've inherited an older PC with two MCC cards in it which talk to some solid-state relay I/O and ADC boards, a PCIe-DIO96H and a PCI-DAS-1602/16.

I need to write a controller application outside the LabView ecosystem.   I've found the MCC Universal Library for Linux (uldaq) which looks promising, especially with its associated set of Python tools.  However, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to discover the two cards in my system.   Doing the most obvious thing in Python, `devices = get_daq_device_inventory(InterfaceType.ANY)` predictably fails.   

Reading a bit more, most of the documentation says I might need the Windows InstaCal software to access these cards.

Experts, can you point me to any example (C, Python, etc) of establishing communications with a PCIe card such as these two under Linux?

Thanks so much!


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Hello @ClintW.

The MCC PCIe-DIO96H and PCI-DAS-1602/16 boards are not supported by MCC's UL for Linux.  

Supported hardware list:  https://files.digilent.com/manuals/Linux-hw.pdf

Linus support for both boards is available via a Third-Party.


GitHub:  https://github.com/wjasper/Linux_Drivers




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