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FPGA board recommendation


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I'm updating an old (2004) control system which used a 8051 processor and an Altera FPGA 

It was a single board bespoke design and I dont want to go through updating it with prototypes etc. all the external IGBT drivers and input conditioning would remain 

Basically I have 2 input bytes 0-255 that need to produce output pulses to switch some IGBT switches

One is 10 microseconds per bit the other 20 microseconds per bit with a space between each of 5 microseconds

So beasically producing a square wave.

The FPGA needs to repond to faults and shut down the system no more than about 20 IO

So looking for a single board that I can piggy back onto a redesigned main board

It will be a steep learning curve for me but used to it

Any suggestions please








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