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Nexys A7-100T

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i want such card with exactly the nexte specifications : (

Carte de développement FPGA technologie Xilinx

FPGA part XC7100T-1CSG324C Logic Slices 15,8500 Block RAM (Kbits) 4,860 DDR2 Memory (MiB) 128 ClockTiles (with PLL)

6 DSP Slices 240 Internalclock speeds exceeding 450MHz On-chip analog-to-digital converter (XADC) Programmable over JTAG and Flash System Features USB-JTAG programmingcircuitry
Poweredfrom USB or any 7V-15V source microSDcardconnector System Connectivity 10/100 Mbps

Ethernet USB-UART Bridge Interaction and SensoryDevices 3-axis accelerometer PDM microphone PWM audio output TemperatureSensor 2 four-digit sevensegment displays USB HID for mice
, keyboards, and memory sticks 16 Switches 16 LEDs 2 tri-colorLEDs 12-bit VGA
output Expansion Connectors 4 PmodconnectorsPmod for XADC signals Réf : Nexys A7-100T


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The Nexys A7 only supports 5 V power at the barrel jack input. You might be able to use a DC-to-DC converter to step your input voltage down to 5 V. That said, we don't have any particular converters that we've tested to recommend.

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Unfortunately, Digilent does not have a version of the Nexys A7 that is able to be powered over both USB as well as being able to accept an external power supply in the 7 Vto 15 V range.


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