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Analog Discovery 3 & Large Solderless Breadboard


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I'm looking into purchasing the Analog Discovery 3 and just wondering is it possible to use the breadboard breakout with the Digilent Large Solderless Breadboard?  Also, is it possible to use the breadboard adapter with the large solderless breadboard?



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Hi @decal,

The breadboard breakout (the one with the 2x15 DIP style pin set) can slot into any solderless breadboard. You'll of course then need to use a variety of jumper wires to connect the numbered row to the rest of your circuitry, much like it shows for the in-use photo on the Breadboard Breakout Resource Center.

As for the Breadboard Adapter, the Large Solderless Breadboard will not physically sit on top of it. You could, of course, use jumper wires from the 2x15 female header to the large breadboard, much like you would do for the included half-size breadboard that does fit on top. As always, there is no electrical contact between solderless breadboards and the PCB because the solderless breadboards are, well, solderless.

I couldn't find my Breadboard Breakout adapter or the formal Large Solderless Breadboard, but I've attached a picture showing the size discrepancy between the Breadboard Adapter, the half-size breadboard, and one of the Canvas's for the Analog Discovery Studio (which is a similar size to the Large Solderless Breadboard).


Let me know if you have any questions.


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