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olDaGetDASS A/D error DT9805




I need some help. 

One of the applications uses DT9805 module for measurement Recently, an error often appears as in the description and in the attachment. Sometimes the application shuts down without a message, I suspect a broken connection with the measurement module. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the source code of the program. The application uses the dt module to measure frequency and voltage. We are using windows 10 and the newest DT9800 driver

Does anyone know any solution to this problem? 


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Hello @Przemek.

Please investigate what changes were made recently to your application, i.e. OS update/upgrade, new host PC, updated DT software, IT changes to PC.

What type of environment is the DT9805 module in during operation, to suspect a broken connection?

Please test the DT9805 with Data Translation's QuickDAQ application on that system.  Any issues?

Please test the DT9805 with a different PC and Data Translation's QuickDAQ application.  Any issues?

If you have a backup DT9805 module, please swap the modules and retest.

Please swap out the USB cable and retest.

If you use a USB hub, retest with an externally powered USB hub or connect the DT9805 directly to the target system.




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